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  • All About Jazz
    founded and run by Michael Ricci. The, most comprehensive source for jazz enthusiasts on the web (to my knowledge) which has been a great source e.g. for CD reviews of Charlie Mariano's recordings which seem to be beneath notice for a lot of jazz related publications in the USA.
    All About Jazz also runs a Jazz Bulletin Board, a great place to discuss jazz related topics (and some others).
  • Anonymous author from Japan
    An anonymous author from Japan compiled a Tommy Flanagan Discography which provided me with some additional info about The Gathering Place by the Anthony Zano Orchestra from 1960 which is not listed in Richard G. Pettibone's sessionography.

    Note: Japanese websites often are a great source providing very detailed info. Unfortunately a lot of those sites are Japanese only. But even when Google lists some Japanes description only it's often worth to check the site to see if there's some English written info available.
  • Etti Bönning
    I first met Etti at Charlie Mariano's 85th Birthday Concert at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart. She contacted me by email, and we then met in Cologne on the occasion of a gathering of Charlie Mariano's friends and fans arranged by Vera Brandes and Dorothee Mariano. Etti is one of the biggest fans of Charlie Mariano. She'd been travelling across Germany to see him live for many years. Etti provided me with a large collection of photographs and videos which I'm going to publish by and by. as of July 4, 2009
  • Noal Cohen
    On Noal Cohen's Jazz History Web Site I finally found some detailed info about Arif Mardin's Glass Onion. Noal compiled the discography of Benny Powell who played on this recording, too.
  • Bob Crispen
    Bob Crispen's Stan Kenton Discography unfortunately doesn't provide any personnel and titles, but has been very helpful to identify labels and order numbers, and gives some background info and personal comments to a lot of Stan Kenton's recordings.
  • Google
    I think everybody investigating the world wide web has to mention this phantastic search engine. This site (as published at the beginning of October 2007) has been investigated and built within less than a half year. A project which would have been impossible to do without the internet and Google.
  • Patrick Hinely
    Freelance photographer Patrick Hinely, currently lecturing at Washington and Lee's University, is a connoisseur of the European jazz scene. He's been a regular visitor of the JazzFest Berlin, and his photographs have been published in numerous papers, magazines, books and CD booklets (ECM, enja, Verve, etc.). Patrick Hinely contributed Charlie Mariano - a remembrance including some rare pictures of Charlie Mariano and a review of Helen 12 Trees.
  • Jazzcorner's Speakeasy
    Another great place to discuss jazz related topics (and some others) which (hopefully) helps to spread word about this site.
  • Jazz Discography Project
    The Jazz Discography Project, compiled and maintained by Nobuaki Togashi, Kohji 'Shaolin' Matsubayashi, and Masayuki Hatta, provided me with info about Gene Ammons, Chet Baker, Charles Mingus, and Mal Waldron. In addition it offers label listings for Bethlehem and some other labels.
  • Dan Kurdilla's music page
    Dan Kurdilla's meticulous discographies of Edward Vesala (and Eberhard Weber) have been a helpful source of information (and confirmation).
  • Lothar Lewien
    is the author of the biography "Charlie Mariano, Tears Of Sound, Wanderer zwischen den Musikwelten".
    Mr. Lewien gave me his permission to use the facts from his biography for the Life Line. → Biography

    Lothar Lewien also wrote a wonderful book about Chet Baker: "Chet Baker, As Though I Had Wings, The Lost Memoirs", first issued 1997 by St. Martin's Press, New York. The book is also available in German, titled "Chet Baker, Als hätte ich Flügel, Verlorene Erinnerungen", issued 1998 by Hannibal Verlag, Andrä Wörden, Austria.
  • Peter Losin
    Peter Losin draw my attention as the author of the best site about Miles Davis you can find on the web: Miles Ahead. But Peter's site offers a lot more than a meticulous Miles Davis discography. Among others he provides detailed credits of live recordings from radio and tv which have been a valuable source for the Broadcasts section of this site.
  • Cynthia Mariano
    contacted me on November 3rd, 2007, and offered her help providing me with documents of her father.
    Private Pics
    → Cynthia Mariano's website
  • Esa Onttonen
    has compiled a very detailed Michael Gibbs Discography which also includes info about reissues.
  • Paris Jazz Corner
    is a great source of vintage recordings also offering covers.
  • Robert G. Pettibone
    compiled the discography to Lothar Lewien's Charlie Mariano biography (see above). His meticulous sessionography covers the years 1947 to early 1993, and was a great starting point for my investigations.
  • Rondo
    Magazine covering classical and jazz music publishing a printed version as well as an online version. Editor Günter F. Bereiter gave his kind permission to reprint reviews for Rondo on this site.
  • SAX On The Web
    maintained by Harri Rautiainen. Another great place to discuss jazz related topics (and some others) which (hopefully) helps to spread word about this site.
  • Klaus Unland
    has compiled a lot of info about the German "Krautrock" band Embryo which has been a more useful source for me than the rather disorganized official Embryo site.
  • David Carlos Valdez's BLOG
    Alto saxophonist David "Carlos" Valdez is one member of Charlie Mariano's fan community in the USA, and he posted a nice conversation about Charlie Mariano he had with Oregon bassist Glen Moore who is full of praise of the Charlie Mariano.
    David made me aware of the motion picture Steppenwolf. He's also been the first one to post an announcement of my site on his BLOG.
  • Vintage Vanguard
    is another great source located in Japan offering a large collection of LP covers (some including backsides) of vintage recordings.
  • Susan Webster & Arno Winkelmann
    Susan Webster & Arno Winkelmann, good friends of Charlie Mariano, contacted me on November 11, 2007. They provided me with some beautiful pics taken after a recording session for "Silver Blue" (see Silver Blue and Portraits), and they will provide more information and pictures in the future.
  • Herbert Weisrock
    Herbert Weisrock provided me with a copy of the rare CD of → Osiris featuring → Toto Blanke and Charlie Mariano recorded → Live In Schwerin which is not for sale. He also sent me some pictures taken by his brother Günter and himself which are presented in the Pictures section.
    Osiris (Günter Weisrock)
    Mariano~Ilg Duo 2002 (Herbert Weisrock)
    Mariano~Ilg Duo 2003 (Herbert Weisrock)

    Herbert Weisrock runs his own label → Dachboden Records.
  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood's compilation of Carmen McRae LPs has been the most comprehensive source about this vocalist.

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