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Pictures from the private albums of Cynthia Mariano

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All pictures © Cynthia Mariano
Charlie Mariano's family (1934)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie Mariano (end of '30s)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie, mom & sisters (late '30s)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie & Colina (1942)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie Mariano (Summer of 1946)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie Mariano (1955)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie with his parents (early '60s)

© Cynthia Mariano
Dorothee & Charlie with Colina (1992)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie & Cynthia Mariano (2003)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie & Connie (2005)

© Cynthia Mariano
Charlie Mariano's daughters (2005)

© Cynthia Mariano
3rd and 4th generation (2005)

© Cynthia Mariano

More pictures to follow.

Monday Michiru presents a nice gallery of pictures taken during the Summer of 2005 including pictures of Charlie Mariano (her father), Toshiko Akiyoshi (her mother), and Lew Tabackin (her stepfather).

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